Royal Mail looking to barcode all large letters and parcels by the autumn

RMRoyal Mail will be looking to introduce barcoding on parcels travelling through their network by Autumn 2015. Over the coming months they will be supporting customers to assist them with moving onto their own Despatch Manager Online (DMO) or other alternative shipping solutions to enable barcoding for all large letters and parcels.


In most cases, customers will be able to use existing services, however from 30 March 2015, it is possible to combine the volumes for outgoing UK and Overseas Tracked items & Tracked Returns UK to enable customers to access more cost effective services at competitive rates.


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Are you aware of the recent VAT changes for retailers?

HMRCFrom last April HMRC changed the way that VAT on settlement discounts was dealt with.  Also known as prompt payment discounts these discounts  are offered as an incentive for a customer to pay an invoice more quickly. In return for a quick payment they receive a discount on the price.


Prior to 1st April VAT was calculated as if the discount would always be taken up and was only calculated on the discounted charge (even if the customer paid outside the discount terms, the reduced amount of VAT was applied). From 1st April VAT is now charged on the amount actually paid. If the customer doesn’t meet the prompt payment terms, then VAT must be charged on the full amount.

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Do you know how to stop losing customers due to despatch delays and pick/pack errors?


The warehouse is at the centre of your customer’s business. Your current and potential clients make all the effort to get the orders in and want to continue their level of professionalism through your fulfilment of their orders. There is nothing worse than gaining a customer and then losing them due to despatch delays, pick/pack errors and lack of integration to shipping carriers and channels.


This is where  a decent warehouse management and order processing system comes in.




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8 things your Warehouse Management System (WMS) should have

Controlling the movement and storage of your products within your warehouse or those of your customers if you are a fulfilment house can be a tedious daily task and be limiting the growth of your business. Too often we hear of companies that are spending their evenings tracing mispicks, lost orders or entering tracking numbers into the back-end of their websites, eBay or Amazon.



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MailSolve road trip to existing customers

freeAnother successful MailSolve road trip, this time around the North of England. Based on our offer of a Free Consultation in our latest newsletter some of our customers took advantage of this. The trip included visits to our long time customers The Recycle Works, Sally Mitchell Fine Arts and Frost Auto.  All of them were very appreciative of the free visit during which we highlighted the new features in M.O.M. version 9 as well as showing the integration to third party websites such as CShop, Magento and Xcart (not to mention extensive carrier integration to most UK carriers and GFS (Global Freight Solutions). Each of our customers have seen savings and improved customers services due to these visits. Sally Mitchell were especially happy to learn the power of their List Management Module and will now be using this to run sales campaigns. To book your visit please contact Richard at

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Order management software linking to Amazon

Ensuring your customers receive their orders quickly, correctly and efficiently is down to decent order processing software and this in turn will ensure that you get great reviews and feedback from your Amazon customers. Creating a top class customer experience is your competitive advantage and it is that order processing solution that is going to achieve this for you.


What gives you a competitive edge is having your orders, inventory, customer data and reporting tools all within one application. By integrating your Amazon store with a decent stock control and order processing system you can increase online sales for new and existing customers. Less time is spent synchronising multiple applications, on picking and packing orders and more time on growing your business.

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Support terminated for FoxPro

A recent communication from Fred Lizza (CEO at Freestyle Solutions) indicated that Microsoft had terminated support for FoxPro on 13th January 2015.  Fred went on to say that while FoxPro served as a low-cost and convenient platform for many years, it was developed in 1984 and is past its end of life. That means that the FoxPro database itself is no longer receiving enhancements or updates of any kind, most importantly security updates. ” We know of no specific security flaws or threats at this time, but hackers are always looking for vulnerable targets and that could change at any time”.  See

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Comprehensive stock management for Amazon

amazonFBAMany know that Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) has a powerful Amazon module, but you may not be aware that one of the most important features within M.O.M. is where to allocate the stock from. The extensive inventory management functionality within M.O.M. enables orders that come in from Amazon and eBay to be allocated against Bin locations, so you can see the split! For example, Amazon orders can be allocated against a Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) virtual bin location. This is where stock is held by Amazon and shipped on your behalf. This not only tells Amazon when and how to fulfil your orders, but also keeps a correct stock value for your business within M.O.M.  This is a very important feature as it enables you to replenish that stock and allows you to keep selling. Similarly, this applies to in-house stock. So, you have total visibility of stock that is physically in your warehouse and sitting at Amazon’s warehouse.

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What is order management software?

During one of my many sales calls to prospective customers I was asked ‘what is order management software‘? So I thought if it’s not that clear from our website then we better compile something that makes this clearer. There are still some parties that believe that an ecommerce order (eBay, Amazon, Magento, WordPress) is and should be treated differently to a mail or telephone order; but a solution like Multichannel Order Manager makes no differentation. Many retailers today still classify themselves as mail order companies as the process really hasn’t changed for decades. Do you agree?

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Building a scaleable business? Have you considered these 5 things?


If you are seriously looking at taking your business to the next level then you are either chomping at the bit to get to the next step or are filled with uncertainty or trepidation about which route to follow. Whichever camp you sit in planning for scalability gives you a platform to grow and increase revenue while minimising operational costs. Even if you are not ready today, preparation for this occurrence will stand you in good stead…


The top 5 things to consider are:


1. Build a solid foundation


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