Support terminated for FoxPro

A recent communication from Fred Lizza (CEO at Freestyle Solutions) indicated that Microsoft had terminated support for FoxPro on 13th January 2015.  Fred went on to say that while FoxPro served as a low-cost and convenient platform for many years, it was developed in 1984 and is past its end of life. That means that the FoxPro database itself is no longer receiving enhancements or updates of any kind, most importantly security updates. ” We know of no specific security flaws or threats at this time, but hackers are always looking for vulnerable targets and that could change at any time”.  See

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Comprehensive stock management for Amazon

amazonFBAMany know that Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) has a powerful Amazon module, but you may not be aware that one of the most important features within M.O.M. is where to allocate the stock from. The extensive inventory management functionality within M.O.M. enables orders that come in from Amazon and eBay to be allocated against Bin locations, so you can see the split! For example, Amazon orders can be allocated against a Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) virtual bin location. This is where stock is held by Amazon and shipped on your behalf. This not only tells Amazon when and how to fulfil your orders, but also keeps a correct stock value for your business within M.O.M.  This is a very important feature as it enables you to replenish that stock and allows you to keep selling. Similarly, this applies to in-house stock. So, you have total visibility of stock that is physically in your warehouse and sitting at Amazon’s warehouse.

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What is order management software?

During one of my many sales calls to prospective customers I was asked ‘what is order management software‘? So I thought if it’s not that clear from our website then we better compile something that makes this clearer. There are still some parties that believe that an ecommerce order (eBay, Amazon, Magento, WordPress) is and should be treated differently to a mail or telephone order; but a solution like Multichannel Order Manager makes no differentation. Many retailers today still classify themselves as mail order companies as the process really hasn’t changed for decades. Do you agree?

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Building a scaleable business? Have you considered these 5 things?


If you are seriously looking at taking your business to the next level then you are either chomping at the bit to get to the next step or are filled with uncertainty or trepidation about which route to follow. Whichever camp you sit in planning for scalability gives you a platform to grow and increase revenue while minimising operational costs. Even if you are not ready today, preparation for this occurrence will stand you in good stead…


The top 5 things to consider are:


1. Build a solid foundation


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Net loss of UK stores almost triples in 2014

1Oxford_HighstreetThe Retail Bulletin reported that nearly three times as many shops disappeared from the UK’s high streets in 2014 compared to 2013. This is not necessarily a surprise to many of us considering the growth of the ecommerce market including Amazon and eBay year on year. The research found that the profile of town centres is changing. Traditional shops, such as fashion and shoe shops, were the biggest casualty in 2014; closely followed by opticians, travel agents, hairdressers, recruitment agencies. Those opening the most branches during 2014 were charity shops, coffee shops, tobacconists/e-cigarettes, pound shops and betting shops.

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Our top 8 tips for email marketing success this year


Although social media is extremely powerful as a marketing tool, email marketing still remains one of the most powerful to engage prospects and customers. If you want to capture more leads,  turn them into customers and increase sales, then take a look at 8 things we have highlighted that should be implemented this year.


1. Relevance

Segment your customer lists. One generic communication or promotion is not going to resonate with all of your customers. Sending a segmented, promotional email to specific list can increase open rates by 14 percent and improved click-through-rates by approximately 15 percent according to a study by Mailchimp. Segmentation also reduces bounce rates, spam report rates and unsubscribe rates.

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How integrated stock management software can help reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.



Your selling platform is constantly growing and may include such channels such as Amazon, eBay and Magento stores, as well as other bespoke e-commerce solutions. Managing the stock across these channels as well as listing products and updating them is proving to be a huge task and is limiting the growth of your business. A scalable and reliable solution is something that you need to integrate to fairly early on in order to manage your growth. Keeping the costs to your customers as low as possible, while still offering the highest standards of customer service is an increasing challenge.

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Do bricks-and-mortar have the edge over Amazon?

The debate rages about whether or not there is a future for retail outlets or will these be wiped out with the dominance of ecommerce retailers, especially Amazon and eBay? Looking at a recent article in Forbes I would believe that retail stores are still safe for some time. I think both have a time and a place and although establishments like Amazon will endeavor to get orders delivered within the hour in large cities there is still going to be the need for immediate purchases (“I spilt coffee on my shirt!”) or impulse buys while out browsing or just pure retail therapy that many of us feel we need after a hard day or a difficult meeting. Full article here

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Spring Fair, NEC (1st – 5th Feb 2015) – Hall 4B35

After the success of the Spring Fair last year it seemed an easy choice to come back again. Our main focus this time round is to meet with business owners in the B2B and B2C markets who are trading in a retail environment, specifically on the web (using Magento, eBay or Amazon (and other ecommerce solutions)). This platform also provides us with another opportunity to meet with many of our customers in the surrounding area. A good number of our customers also exhibit at this show.


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Britons are biggest online shoppers and other news

Management Today reported earlier this month that Brits are the biggest online spenders in the developed world, spending an average of £2,000 online per year. That’s quite a bit ahead of the second biggest spenders, Australians who spend an average of £1,356 a year online, and Americans, who spend £1,171. The Chinese and Russians are way behind only spending £214 and £128 respectively.   The article goes on to say what makes the UK such a lucrative market for ecommerce is our taste for cheap debt and good internet connectivity. Apparently two fifths of advertising spend is now on the internet, the highest proportion of any of the countries surveyed.   They also warn of devoting too much time and money to ‘traditional’ social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, as the online world is changing and that 56% of Brits said they go on a social network at least once a week, compared to 65% last year, as people, led by teens, switch to apps like Whatsapp, Instagram and Snapchat. Full article here

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